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What happened in Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is a wellknown dutch supermarket.
As kids we used to keep our gym clothes in those plastic grocery bags.
On the way to the gym it was a custom to hit each other with the bag.
Especially the shoes in the bag would provide proper acceleration when smashing.
That is one of the reasons I have such a strong connection to this bag.

By now the blue/mint striped bags are out of use but they are still out there on the streets.
The other day I Picked one up and 'Camel since 1913 mild' fell out, unopened, without the warning.
Imagine how old that bag must have been.

I trashplastified it onto a canvas bag. I took it to go shopping at the Albert Heijn.
The lady from the cigarette counter looked worried as I left the supermarket.
She wanted to know whether I was sure I would make it home with my shoppings
and whether I didn't need a new bag.
Inside of me a big smile grew.
I politely thanked her for her concern and assured her the bag and I would be alright.